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HTT points Bonus Program

How to GET HTT Points?

Action Earn Limited Conditions
Register 50 Once per new account
Confirm your e-mail 100 Once per uncomfirmed account
Shop from us Commodity Price Unlimited
Write a review 20-40 Unlimited
Post images 50-500 Unlimited
Upload a video 100-200 Unlimited

Write a review and get up to 500 HTT points and up to $100 Cash.

How to USE HTT Points?

Exchange Limited
50 HTT points = $1 30% maximun of goods price on each order

Note: To use HTT points, you must have at least 50 HTT points in your account.

The guidelines of using HTT points

(1) Some specially discounted products cannot be discounted further with HTT Points.
(2) Orders which have use HTT points for part payment cannot participate in certain activities.
(3) The amount of HTT points gained are not affected by coupon.
For example: commodity value = $10, use 10% off coupon = $9 payable, you receive 10 HTT points.
(4) Orders which use HTT points for part payment cannot themselves go on to receive HTT points! reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions. Please feel free to contact us at Hot Top Trends Support Center if you have any questions!

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