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Bunion Pads and Toe Spacer Deluxe Combo/Bunion Cushion with Silicone Gel Separators

Bunion Pads and Toe Spacer Deluxe Combo/Bunion Cushion with Silicone Gel Separators

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Gentle Hammer Toe Corrector with Silicone Bunion Gel Cushions combined with Gel Toe Separators Toe Straighteners by PEDI SOOTHER SOLUTIONS


You use your feet every day, take the steps to stop suffering from foot pain now!

SUPERIOR RELIEF: Our soft medical grade silicone is Hypoallergenic and BPA-free and will silence foot pain. You can make the decision to eliminate discomfort from a wide variety of foot problems

FUNCTION: Toe Separation Toe Alignment Toe Spacing Toe Widening Toes / Foot Shape Correction Therapy

RE-USABLE: Stop wasting money on cheaply made one-time use products. All of products are made from the highest quality medical grade silicone. You can simply wash them with soap and lukewarm water, let them air dry and they are ready for reuse.

SOFT & COMFORTABLE: The low profile design is lightweight and allows for ample flexibility and stretch without crowding the footwear.

Effectively Addressing foot deformities and toe deformities such as:

Bunions, overlapping toes, hammer toe, corns, plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, hallux Valgus claw toe and mallet toe. Correcting Misshaped Toes, Crooked Toes, Deformed Toes Sore Toe Relief

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  • Medical Grade Silicone
  • 👣FOOT PAIN RELIEF: Stop the pain from improper toe spacing and bunion pain. Our Toe Spacers, Toe Separators, Toe Straighteners will effectively Align and Straighten Toes and be a Bunion Corrector and Bunion Relief
  • 👣ALL DAY COMFORT: Medical Grade Silicone for soft, flexible Bunion Cushions Toe Spacers. Our toe stretcher bunion guard will gently and safely correct and align misshaped and deformed toes. Hypoallergenic and BPA free, perfect for sensitive skin
  • 👣GREAT VALUE -4 PIECES. We offer 2 Pairs of gel toe separators for bunions in our Bunion Relief kit. They are Reusable and easily maintained by washing with soap and water. Enjoy long-lasting pain relief!
  • 👣GENTILE ALIGNMENT & TOE STRAIGHTENER: Gel Toe Spacer and Bunion Pad will cushion bunions and separate toes for a straighter toe profile. Toe correction allows for less foot discomfort for therapeutic pain relief. Stand, walk and run longer with less foot pain
  • 👣ACTIVE-WEAR ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Rubber Toe Spacers can be worn during the day while walking, standing, overnight while sleeping, even during physical activities like Yoga. It can even be used for toe space widening during a pedicure
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